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Hair Advice by Francesca de Mori

Hair Advice by Francesca de Mori

How to maintain your freedom couture  lace wig ? This glamorous , natural and absolutely undetectable wig is widely used by stars like Beyonce and Tyra Banks !

The Lace wig is made of tulle cap that mimics the scalp, on which are located by a natural human hair. My Favourie methods to wear lace wigs is to Sew it into Braids or Use the Elastic Band. His life is 6 months to 2 years depending on the care that you make it. Follow this guide to keep increasing the life of your lace wig .

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Location : 531 Hay Street Subiaco, Perth

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11am-5pm

Contact : 0403 315 857 ( Please only call during Salon hours 11am till 5pm)

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The Atmosphere is Fantastic,very professional,You pay such attention to detail which makes the finished product amazing.It is clear that you have such a passion for your work and it make people confident in your hands.I really appreciated how you listened and asked me which style i wanted, You asked about fringes,lenghts,layering ,styling etc! Thank you!

Thank you Thank you

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